Genazzano “Infiorata” – A show for the sight and for the story

 In the heart of Lazio, there is a small one borough: Genazzano.

Already known in ancient Rome as a holiday destination, in the last century it comes

visited by thousands of tourists, especially in July, for a particular event:

“The Infiorata”.


It all started in 1883 when His Excellency Vincenzo Monsignor Vannutelli, drafted the statute

of the Association of the Apostolate of Prayer in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and for

remembering this event, the procession and the infiorata are celebrated during the first sunday of july. That day is not only considered an event for the faithful but also for

tourists who, walking through the districts of the village, can admire the long carpets ofpetals for a length that exceeds 1800 meters, starting from Piazza G. D. E. D’amico passing Porta Romana, until you get to Piazza Repubblica


For this event there is an annual preparation, in which each district decides what to draw; of usually reproduced details of famous works: from Caravaggio, passing through Leonardo Da Vinci, up to Raffaello; but the times in which the works are reminiscent of the symbols of Genazzano or simply depictions of the Madonna, the Popes and the Saints.


The week before the Infiorata, the associations of each district collect the natural flowers that subsequently they are selected and separated from the petals, which will be kept in the tufa cellars to maintain freshness. These petals will be used to make the drawings that will take place on Saturday night and the first lights of Sunday. It is not just the associations of the districts (which are twenty-three for the record), but there is also an active participation of citizens, who help in completing the drawings.



From Rome:

  • By car: about 56 min 50.3 Km passing through A1 direction E821
  • By bus * one way ticket price € 4.30 | 50 min. about | frequency: every hour

or two | 0 changes:

○ from Rome Ponte Mammolo: (Zagarolo) – Palestrina – Genazzano – (San

Vito Romano).

○ from Rome Anagnina: – San Cesareo – Zagarolo – Palestrina – Genazzano –

(Olevano Romano – Bellegra – Rocca Santo Stefano / Roiate) / (San Vito

Romano) / (Piglio bv – Acuto – Fiuggi) / (Piglio – Trevi nel Lazio – Filettino).

  • By train * and bus ticket price € 2.60 + € 1 | 1 h and 40 min. about | 1 change:

○ from Roma Termini to Zagarolo: high frequency every 28 min.

○ from Zagarolo take the bus to Genazzano cited above.

* The times and the frequency of the routes can change on holidays.




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